We work to build healthier environments to enable improved health.

We work to foster empathy for people with obesity and make obesity a healthcare priority.

We work to ensure people with obesity have access to science-based and comprehensive care.

Our patient support site, TruthAboutWeight, provides information about the science of obesity and its causes. Take the next step in weight management with a personalized approach.

Queen Latifah is helping take obesity head-on, and that starts by having an honest conversation about shame, bias and stigma. Sometimes, they’re not as visible as you’d think. Together, we can change the conversation about weight and obesity. Visit itsbiggerthan.com.

42% of U.S. adults have experienced shame or harm because of their weight. That’s unacceptable. Weight bias exists in every aspect of our lives, from the barriers it creates to accessing obesity care to its impact in the workplace, with people who are affected by excess weight less likely to be hired and more likely to be evaluated negatively. Novo Nordisk is proud to be a supporting partner of the Obesity Action Coalition’s Stop Weight Bias campaign, which aims to raise societal awareness and start an open conversation that puts an end to weight bias in all its forms.

Change can be hard and even uncomfortable. But it’s in our collective power to build a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Learn more and get involved.

Black Women’s Health Imperative and HealthyWomen are helping to change the way the world sees obesity with Reclaim Your Wellness.

Novo Nordisk is passionate about making obesity a national healthcare priority and eliminating health disparities. People living with this chronic disease deserve to have access to science-based, comprehensive care.

Visit Reclaimyourwellness.org