Seattle is an established and growing life sciences hub in the U.S., known for its world-class science and technology companies. Novo Nordisk established its Seattle research center in 2009, and today it serves as the foundation of the company’s U.S. research and development efforts for diabetes, obesity, liver disease and other therapeutic areas.

Innovation has no bounds at the research center in Seattle. By understanding the real-world circumstances of patients and focusing on the interface between biology, behavior, and technology, a team of data scientists, researchers and digital engineers collectively work to develop solutions for real-world circumstances for patients. Working at the cutting-edge of science, researchers work to discover therapies and delivery technologies that patients find user-friendly and relevant. The team leads a bold charge to pioneer scientific breakthroughs that have the potential to prevent and ultimately cure chronic disease.

The Seattle team is dynamic, collaborative, and united in its mission to help patients. Operating with the agility of a start-up and with a focus on scientific excellence, the mission-driven work at the research center has consistently resulted in discoveries that fuel the Novo Nordisk pipeline while providing hope for patients.

Together with a global network of colleagues and partners, the Seattle research center is advancing science to transform patient lives for the better.