Our key contribution is to discover and develop safe, innovative biological medicines and make them accessible to reach our goal of improving access to care. We work towards a future where all people living with hemophilia, with or without inhibitors, have the opportunity to live the life they desire.

Changing Hemophilia® represents Novo Nordisk’s commitment to the hemophilia community by connecting the company’s activities, development of new treatments to support of community projects aimed at improving the lives of people with hemophilia.

As 2015 marked the first full year Novo Nordisk has been part of the Lebanon, NH community, a major impact has already been made to support community activities that focus on promoting healthy living and outdoor activities with more to come.

Novo Nordisk has donated to several community organizations, including the Lebanon Recreation Department in support of youth activities and outdoor family activities. We also supported the Mascoma River Greenway (MRG) project with a $75,000 corporate donation that helped to extend New Hampshire’s immensely popular Northern Rail Trail through the heart of Lebanon and West Lebanon.