The Novo Nordisk Graduate Program is a 2-year learning journey that will take you through a minimum of three job rotations, with at least one based in our corporate headquarters in Denmark and another in one of our global affiliates.

During the program, you will gain a deep understanding of our company, our business, and our company values. You will be included in and drive global and national projects, as well as build a strong international network of professional and dedicated colleagues.

After successfully completing the program, you will have the necessary professional and personal skills to embark on your global career with a position at Novo Nordisk – perhaps as a project manager, brand or product manager or an internal consultant.

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Global business processes

Global marketing

Global market access

International operations business and people & organisation

China graduate program

US rotational program marketing

Global procurement

Global finance

International operations finance

China graduate program

US rotational program finance

Global development

Medical, regulatory & safety (MARS)

China graduate program

Positions are available in a variety of different functions within Novo Nordisk. Please refer to the “Our Different Graduate Program Tracks” section above.  Available positions will be advertised on the Jobs section. Here you can sign up to our job agent and receive an email when a position matching your criteria becomes available.

Applicants must have a recent and relevant Masters degree with a minimum of 6 month’s international experience from working, studying or voluntary work.  A maximum of 1 year relevant work experience or extracurricular activities, above average academic achievements and have the ability to relocate internationally.  In addition, Novo Nordisk’s corporate language is English, and so you must write and speak English fluently.

The application process begins in November and ends in January.  Selected candidates will continue through an interview process with final candidates invited to attend the Graduate Recruitment Centre in March.  Hired candidates will begin the Graduate Program in September.

Please note that the US Marketing and US Finance tracks are managed through the Novo Nordisk US Headquarters office in Plainsboro, NJ, USA.  Recruitment for these positions begins in October with final candidate selections made in November.  Hired candidates will begin the program in June.

Step 1:

Find out which track(s) is/are relevant for you! If you’re in doubt, please check the  Graduate program brochure and explore the best fit based on your educational background and interests.  You can also learn more about the different graduate program tracks and meet us at our different career events around the world! 

Step 2:

When you have found the best fit for your profile and career aspirations, please go ahead and apply by following the application process.

After filling in details about you and your educational background, you will be asked to answer the following questions (you have a maximum of 1200 characters per question):

  • What is your motivation for joining Novo Nordisk and the pharmaceutical industry?
  • What are the 3 things that you would find most exciting and motivating about joining the specific graduate program track? Explain why.
  • Why are you a good fit with this specific graduate program track? List 3 personal competences and explain how you will use them to succeed on the program.

Some program tracks will also have an additional question tailored to the specific track you are applying for (available in the job ad).

Also, as part of the application, the process includes that you must record a 1-minute personal video answering a question specific to the program track you are applying for (available in the job ad). This will enable us to get a good feeling about who you are and how you will match our organisation.

When applying make sure you have your CV and a transcript of your latest grades ready.  

Step 3:

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an initial online or phone interview with the program manager or a local HR representative. The candidates who are not invited for an interview will be notified by mail. Feedback will be provided to the candidates who have been invited for an interview.

Step 4:

The successful candidates will be invited to the Graduate Recruitment Centre, in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Candidates will take part in interviews, team- and individual exercises, and will be given feedback on personality and aptitude tests conducted prior to the Graduate Recruitment Centre. 

The Graduate Program is a 2 year, global career journey with a minimum of three rotations with at least one based in the Novo Nordisk Headquarters office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Positions are often available in a variety of different functions within Novo Nordisk. The positions are advertised on the Jobs section. Here you can sign up to our job agent and receive an email when a position matching your criteria becomes available.

Check out our Graduate program brochure and find out which program best fits your study background. Please note that you can apply for more than one program.

Yes, as long as you plan to graduate within the same year that you are starting in a Graduate position. It is also okay that you have not received your official graduate diploma before starting in the Graduate Program, as long as you have finished your studies and are just waiting for the official papers.

Yes, the Graduate Program is considered a full time position and your salary will be comparable with an entry level position. Salary and benefits such as pension and health insurance is based upon local terms, depending on where you are hired.

No, our corporate language is English so speaking Danish is absolutely not a requirement.

The online application portal opens in November and closes in January.  You can view and apply to available positions on the Job section. Here you can also sign up to our job agent and receive an email when a position matching your criteria becomes available.

Be yourself and share why Novo Nordisk is a place you want to work for. What motivates you and why do you think being a graduate is amazing? We would like to know who YOU are.

If you are relocating to Denmark when taking up a graduate position, we will support you in finding a place to live for your first rotation in our headquarters (Global Programs). It will be in central Copenhagen with easy access to public transport and you will be offered to share an apartment with other Graduates. This is a great way of starting a network when living in a new country.

If you start in an International Operations program, you will have to be a resident in the country you start in.

For all program tracks, you will get support when going on your international rotation/s, so you can focus on your work, and not so much on the practicalities around the relocation process.

Meet us

Meet us

Interested candidates will have the opportunity to speak with Novo Nordisk representatives to discuss career aspirations, gain insight into the organization and ask questions. Come find us at one of the many events we attend throughout the year!