Are you a medical doctor looking for a challenging career path in a pharmaceutical company? Would you like to be part of highly qualified and ambitious teams in a global setting? Then this is your unique opportunity to apply for a position with 3 job rotations where you can use your medical and scientific knowledge in an inspiring way to create better treatments and care for our patients.

A career opportunity for MD's with 2-5 year's experience (*)
Offering a broad introduction to the pharmaceutical industry, the PMP aims to develop medical doctors, who have 2-5 years of clinical experience, within various functions where strong medical competencies are needed. Apply here until 5 March. The program starts in September 2020. (*) 


The PMP offers medical doctors the opportunity to develop both professional and personal skills. With a detailed individual development plan, you will set goals for your own development and career within Novo Nordisk over the two years it takes to complete the program.

Some of the personal development activities includes career guidance and presentation skills trainings. As part of the PMP program, there will also be opportunities to network beyond daily activities through executive speaker sessions and affiliate visits. 

The PMP program allows me to challenge and strengthen new parts of my medical professionalism, but at the core, my everyday thinking remains the same: “how do I do what is best for the patients” "

Cecilie Heerdegen Jepsen, 1st rotation,
Global development.

Every PMP doctor will receive support and mentoring from the PMP manager, who takes care of your overall development throughout your time on the program, and a daily manager, who is responsible for your development during each rotation. To help you reach your goals, the program will include both professional and personal training.


The program aims to educate medical doctors in drug development, how the pharmaceutical industry works and career opportunities within the industry. These aims will be addressed by daily on-the-job training through tasks and interaction with experienced colleagues, and a generous individual training program including a broad variety of internal and external courses.


On successful completion of the program, a permanent position at Novo Nordisk will be offered to you within one of the three departments in the program. Your final position depends upon your wishes, feedback from managers and vacancies in the respective departments.

Novo Nordisk is a focused healthcare company and the world leader in diabetes care. We spend a large percentage of our annual turnover on research and development (R&D), which is one of the reasons why our diabetes product pipeline is second to none.

When speaking of biopharmaceuticals we have a leading position within the therapeutic areas of hemostasis management, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy. We also have a strong research portfolio within obesity.

Novo Nordisk has more than 42,000 employees in 80 countries. Our employees are driven by the common goal of making a difference to patients, healthcare professionals and society. Each and every employee at Novo Nordisk knows that their contribution helps make this difference. Our ethical culture, high standards and commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible attracts a certain type of employee who is ready to change lives for the better.

In Global Development, we as medical doctors are responsible for providing medical and scientific input to the clinical trials that are being run in our department.

First of all, we are involved in the preparation phase of trials, where we give input to the trial outline which is a detailed summary of the rationale, objectives and overall design of the trial. We are also involved in the trial execution phase, where we present and share knowledge with doctors and nurses from various international sites where the trials are conducted, provide input regarding trial adherence, and answer any questions the sites may have regarding trial-related medical and safety issues. Upon completion of the trial, we add medical input towards analysis of results and drafting of conclusions.

At the trial initiation and finalisation phase, we provide medical input to health authorities in order for them to either approve the trial design or to approve our products for sale and marketing, respectively. On the side, we are involved in a wide range of academic and scientific settings where we interact with medical experts, and we provide internal input (within the company) regarding the design of clinical trials to be conducted in the development phase of a new product.

In Global Medical Affairs, we as medical doctors are responsible for scientific communication, both internally in the company and to the scientific community. 

We provide medical education and guidance and do so by developing online learning tools and preparing presentations for visiting physicians, affiliates (company departments in other countries), product launch presentations, and internal management presentations.

In this process we focus on how to communicate the data clearly and we provide input to and review slide decks and presentations. Furthermore, we have interactions with global scientific and clinical experts at Advisory board meetings where experts give their unbiased opinion regarding different aspects related to our products, at Investigator Meetings for people involved in running our trials, e.g. doctors and nurses, and at Result Meetings where trial results are presented.

In addition we interact with them at different congresses or symposia (e.g. American Diabetes Association and Global Diabetes Summit). We provide guidance on investigator sponsored studies (ISS) and are part of the publication planning group meetings and hence responsible for abstracts, papers and posters submitted to congresses and journals. In addition we have cross-sectional collaboration where we provide clinical and strategic input as needed e.g. for clinical trials and promotional materials. 

In Global Safety, we as medical doctors are involved in activities ensuring that Novo Nordisk products are of the highest quality and lowest risk to patients. 

This includes preparation of reports, both internal and external (as Authorities request) that aggregate safety information (e.g. adverse reactions to drugs) regarding a specific product (e.g. Insulin Aspart). Our medical competencies are used to analyse, evaluate and conclude on the drug’s safety profile. 

We participate in meetings with colleagues from different departments regarding the clinical trials, providing feedback on protocol designs and informed consent forms prior to the initiation of clinical trials. We also attend Investigator Meetings where we inform the investigators participating in our trials about the specifics of the trial prior to its initiation. While the trial is on-going we present and evaluate blinded safety data to the study group (a group of people from different departments who meet at regular intervals regarding the specific trial). In addition we participate and contribute with input for e.g. Safety Committee meetings and meetings with Data Monitoring Committees.

We perform monthly literature surveillance and monitor recently published scientific articles regarding competitors and our products. In the market application process, we are involved in answering requests from authorities and preparing for advisory committees (panel of experts convened by authorities) if needed.

In order to qualify for the PMP, you must hold a university degree as a medical doctor. You should have passed post-graduate internship and have 2-5 years of clinical experience.

Documented scientific experience is not a prerequisite, but it is an advantage. The program offers an introduction to the pharmaceutical industry and the applicant should not have prior industry experience.

You must have practical and analytical skills and be capable of working independently, while at the same time being able to excel in a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team. Moreover, you should be prepared to travel and work in an international arena.

We expect that you are results-oriented, are good at setting priorities, that you have a broad perspective and an open-mind, and are able to challenge the status quo. Lastly, we expect you to have excellent English skills and be proficient in IT.

Apply here from 24 January 2020 until 5 March 2020.

For more information please see the FAQ section or contact the PMP manager Natalie Halladin.

February: Application process opens 24 January 2020 and ends 5 March 2020. Applicants will be screened continuously.

March: Screening of applications finalised.

  • March 7-20: selected candidates will be asked to post a video to present themselves
  • March 23-25: phone interviews 
  • End March: selected candidates will be invited for a full day interview in Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Face to face interviews
  • Early May: candidates will be informed of the final decision


  • Pharmaceutical Medicine Program starts 1 September 2019.

Novo Nordisk is an international company and welcomes international applicants for the PMP program.  English is the official company language. It is not a requirement to speak Danish, but there will be opportunities to learn the language. Novo Nordisk will provide relocation aid and support to new international employees and their family. Over the years candidates from China, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Albania, Sweden and Denmark have been accepted into the program. 

You will need to submit with your application a copy of your academic certificates in English.

“If you want to give a fresh start to your career and develop unexplored skills, this program could be the right answer. You will face daily challenges guided and supported by experienced and talented colleagues in an inspiring and respectful setting.”

Cristina Parrino (Italy),

PMP 1st rotation, Global Development, Team 2015

Our Pharmaceutical Medicine Program has proven to be the perfect springboards to fulfilling, life-changing careers.

The opportunities created due to the job rotations in our international environment provide you with a rapid growth in experience, the creation of huge networks across the organisation and an increased level of exposure to top management.

Together with the intensive professional and personal training available during the program, this places you in a strong position to go on to be a key person within our organisation after successfully completing the pharmaceutical medicine program.

And here's the proof! Read the stories below to discover how the ex-participants in our Pharmaceutical Medicine Program have moved onwards and upwards within the organisation. You can also meet the PMP’s currently enrolled in the program, and get some key insights into the life as an MD in the pharmaceutical industry.

The PMP team 2017 included, Marie, Marco, Olivia, Carsten and Taulant.

Marie graduated from Medical School at the University of Aarhus in 2010. Marie completed her clinical basic education, finalised her PhD within cardiology and worked one year as a project manager on a Danica sponsored development project before joining the program. Upon completion of the program, Marie joined the Semaglutide team in Medical and Science as Senior International Medical Manager.

Marco graduated from Medical School at the University of Copenhagen in 2014. He completed his clinical basic education and finalized his PhD entitled ‘Biomarkers of Necrotising Soft Tissue Infections’ before joining the program. Upon completion of the program, Marco chose to pursue a career outside Novo Nordisk.

Olivia graduated from Medical School at the University of Copenhagen in 2012. Olivia completed her clinical basic education and finalised her PhD within neurology and multiple sclerosis before joining the program. She went on maternity leave after completing two out of three PMP rotations and is scheduled to complete the program in 2021.

Carsten and Taulant both chose to pursue a career outside of Novo Nordisk, without completing the program. Taulant returned to academia and Carsten returned to work in the clinic.

The PMP team 2016 included Mikkel, Eskil, Azadeh, Joshua and Pam

Mikkel joined the PMP after completing his clinical internship and a PhD wherein he characterised a novel peptide system in the gut and brain.

Upon completion of the program, Mikkel joined the Semaglutide Obesity team in Global Medical Affairs as a Global Medical Manager. Mikkel is now working in another pharmaceutical company.

Eskil graduated from Medical School at the University of Copenhagen in 2010 after which he completed his internships and conducted research within genetics, immune mediated diseases and growth. Eskil completed a MSc within epidemiology and a PhD before joining the program. Upon completion he took up a position as International Medical Manager in Medical and Science. He has now been promoted to Senior International Medical Manager.

Azadeh joined the program upon completion of her clinical internship and a PhD within diabetes in pregnancy and offspring risk of metabolic disease.

She went on maternity leave after completing two out of three PMP rotations and is scheduled to complete the program in 2019.

Joshua and Pam both chose to pursue a career outside of Novo Nordisk, without completing the program. Pam has returned to work in the clinic.

In 2015 the PMP team included Christin, Cristina, Melissa and Ting.

Christin joined the program after completing internship and a PhD investigating the genetic background of young sudden cardiac death victims. She is now working as a Global Medical Advisor in Medical Affairs, Oral Semaglutide.

Cristina joined the program after completing her medical training and speciality in Endocrinology in Italy. After successful completion of the program Cristina decided to return to public health care system.

Melissa graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 2007, followed by some years of clinical experience, obtained a PhD combining oncology and chronobiology in 2014 and right before joining Novo Nordisk worked within the field of Clinical Pharmacology. After finalising the program, Melissa joined Global Medical Affairs working as Global Medical Advisor in the Degludec/IDegLira team.

Ting graduated from Peking University in 2006 and completed her specialization in Nephrology later on. She joined the program after completing her PhD within Nephrology and postdoc in Public Health. After the program, she is now working as an Senior International Medical Manager in Global Development, Insulin & Devices. 

In 2014 the PMP team included Marie, Cecilie, Sarah, Bue and Søren.

Marie joined the program after completing internship and a PhD within neuroscience. After the program, she now works as an International Medical Manager in Global Development, Obesity.

Cecilie joined the program after several years of clinical experience within anaesthesiology, and after having completed a two-year research fellowship within inflammation and endotheliopathy at Harvard/MGH. Cecilie now works as a Global Medical Advisor in the Medical Affairs Obesity team.

Sarah has decided to pursue an adventure with her family and will be travelling for the next year to come.

Bue graduated from University of Copenhagen in 2007 and joined the program with experience from internal medicine, cardiology and emergency medicine and a PhD in Cardiology. Bue now works as a Global Medical Advisor in Global Medical Affairs, IDegLira.

Søren joined the program after working in the clinic within cardiology where he also obtained his PhD. After the PMP rotations, Søren continued in Global Development as International Medical Manager in Global Development, Semaglutide, Diabetes & Outcomes.