What keeps me up at night? Without question – the well-being of everyone at Novo Nordisk. Right now, people are hurting. The tragic events that we continue to grapple with are difficult to process. We’re committed to be better – more diverse and inclusive - to create a safe workplace where all of Team Novo Nordisk feels heard.

Last week, we had Dr. Shirley Davis speak about unconscious bias and the implications of leaving them unchecked. It was eye-opening and challenged me to continue this learning journey through more mindful listening, dialogue, and action. Team performance improves 50% when everyone feels included, but it’s never just about business. It’s how we treat one another and work as one team. Remember the ‘golden rule’ – treat others as you want to be treated? Dr. Davis shared the ‘platinum rule’ – and it stuck with me – treat others as they want to be treated.

I’m committed to creating a work environment that’s both diverse and inclusive. More importantly, we need to help each other heal, and be an ally when people need one. It matters to the patients and communities we serve – and it matters to everyone at Novo Nordisk. I don’t have all the answers. None of us do. We need to keep talking and learning from each other. I’m listening and I invite you to join me.