Welcome to Novo Nordisk in the United States

Meaningful Mission

Novo Nordisk's global need patient-centric approach includes philanthropy, patient assistance, provider education & therapeutic innovation.

Areas of Study

Novo Nordisk student opportunities include Pharmaceuticals, Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, Public Policy, Communications, Corporate Tax etc.

Hands-On Learning

Novo Nordisk's results-driven student programs include group & individual projects, publications, strategic plans & product launches.

Leaders In Action

Training future leaders is vital to our student programs. Dedicated visionaries are behind every health care innovation at Novo Nordisk.

Student Opportunities

Novo Nordisk is the world's leading diabetes care company, a place where every innovation represents hope and health. We value students and graduates as not just learners, but innovative contributors to our mission. 

Clinical Fellowships
Business woman working on a laptop

Opportunities for postdoctoral and Pharm.D. professionals.

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MBA & Graduate Degrees
Business professionals meeting

Hands-on business training for graduate professionals.

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Business professionals meeting

Internship programs for promising students.

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