Welcome to Novo Nordisk in the United States

Undergraduate Internships

Undergraduate Internships at Novo Nordisk are focused on one defining priority: student success. When you leave our halls, you will not only better understand your chosen field of study: you'll be fired up for a promising career. Step into a program spanning a variety of disciplines – life sciences, business, communications, finance, policy and more – and be positioned for greatness.

Leaders In Training

Novo Nordisk mandates that each Intern identify him or herself as a leader. Whether providing overall project direction or managing specific tasks, our job is to help you develop the skill, confidence and tenacity needed for success on every level.

Mentorship is also a key component of our program. Each Novo Nordisk intern is assigned a mentor at the Director level or above, whose entire focus is your individual advancement. Utilize your mentor as a prime resource for information, insight and guidance, drawing on their proven leadership and success.

Focused On You

The programs listed here are wholly focused on you: your future, your goals and your unlimited potential. Step into a culture of learning, where Interns participate in workshops on Resume Building, Career Planning, Situational Leadership, Six Sigma, and more. Our goal is simple: to help promising undergraduates fine-tune their aspirations, with training and support that makes a lasting difference.