By Doug Langa

Executive Vice President North America Operations and President of Novo Nordisk Inc.

100 years ago, 14-year-old Leonard Thompson made history. Leonard was the first human to receive an injection of insulin – his blood sugar levels became near-normal, and for the first time, type 1 diabetes was no longer a death sentence.  I stand in awe of the innovation and dedication of the scientists that worked tirelessly to discover this life changing treatment and of the many scientific breakthroughs and innovative solutions that followed. Yet we know that for all insulin has done for patients, there are still 400 million people worldwide living with diabetes that require our collective dedication and hard work to advance treatment options, while working toward a future free of the disease.  

Making medicines is our mission at Novo Nordisk but our purpose goes beyond that. We are committed to driving change for patients in all the ways that matter, including finding actionable and diverse ways to advocate for solutions that make it easier for people who need medicines, to get them.  

We encourage anyone in need to go to to learn more about the variety of different affordability programs available from Novo Nordisk.  In January 2022, we honor a significant and miraculous milestone in diabetes, but with all of us doing our part and continuing that spirit of innovation, it won’t be the last.