Judgmental stares. Throwaway comments. Lack of eye contact. Unrealized dreams, job discrimination and complexity of living in a body you don’t always understand and can’t control.

If you live with obesity, you know these struggles and so many more. And you are not alone. You’re a part of a community of nearly 65 million people across the world who have this chronic disease.

Yes, obesity is a disease.

March 4 is World Obesity Day and I’m sharing this powerful video that brings to life the very real challenges faced and countless efforts made by people tackling the endless cycle of weight management on their own.

It not only lays bare the stigma and bias, but the superhero strength required to battle against one’s own biology. It’s not about willpower, it’s about understanding the science behind weight gain just as we work to understand the science behind other chronic diseases.

I invite you to watch this video. Changing how obesity is viewed, prevented and treated will take all of us working together to raise awareness, use our voices and show our support. Be part of the movement.